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8 Ways to Stay Connected with Friends While Living Away

8 Ways to Stay Connected with Friends While Living Away
If you are living away from your hometown to pursue your education or as a working professional you might be missing your friends and family. Living away from your loved ones may be quite difficult for some which in turn weakens relationship bonds. This blog shares some of the best tips to stay connected with your friends while staying away. Have a look at it and it may be easy for you to catch up with your friends. 

Video call

To stay connected with friends doing a random video call is one of the best options. Both college and professional life are busy, so whenever you get free from your scheduled work, stay connected through video calls via chatting apps to help you connect and share everything you want to. What matters most is giving time to your friends and loved ones, no matter where you are. So, a video call is a way to connect at your convenience. 

Group chat

Group chats are another platform that lets you connect, share moments, and thoughts and create unforgettable funny moments with one another. Also, doing group chat via free chat apps serves as an ideal space for sharing memes, inside jokes, personal photos, and videos within your group while maintaining privacy. Additionally, group chats offer the opportunity to delve into more profound discussions and seek guidance and support from long-time friends from childhood. 

Plan a watch party

Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean you can’t spend time together and enjoy watching something. Services like Netflix offer a browser extension that synchronizes your streaming platforms with your friends for no cost. This allows all of you to simultaneously watch movies and TV shows. Additionally, there is a group chat function that enables real-time messaging between friends. For major televised events such as the Super Bowl or Oscars, you could even video chat and experience it together in real-time.

Consider remote activities together

Another interesting way to stay connected with your friends is to get involved in virtual activities. One can share remote activities through video chat apps. Activities such as working on some creative projects together, playing online games, accessing the same virtual workout sessions, and going for walks while remaining active on the video chat app are some of the examples you can share moments through remote activities. 

Send care package

Maintaining connections with your closest friends can be done traditionally. One idea is to organize a secret gift exchange where each person draws a name and curates a personalized care package for their assigned friend. Another option is to take the initiative to send heartfelt cards or small treats to your friends back home to let them know that they are in your thoughts. Some of the ideas to send care packages include your friend’s desired snack box, audiobooks, cookies, skincare products, and frame photos to name a few. 

Use social media

You probably already have connections with your childhood friends on social media, so take advantage of it. According to a recent study, utilizing tools like stories can reduce the feeling of being on long distance. A video chat app like ChatHooter fits into this category because it promotes sharing real-time moments from your current surroundings, rather than curated images for social media. 

Frequently Plan to meet together in person

Make it a priority to meet up with each other face-to-face whenever it is feasible. This could involve taking turns to visit one another or organizing a trip together. If the cost of such trips seems excessive, you could instead plan to get together during school breaks when everyone is home. It is important to plan in advance and maintain open lines of communication to coordinate the details.

Stay positive

No matter how far apart you live from your best friends, the relationship of friendship can be maintained if you are positive and have patience in you. Making time for regular conversations, being honest, and understanding each other’s perspective is a key to lasting friendship. 

To conclude

So, these are some useful ways to stay connected with your friends while living apart. It may seem difficult to carry on a friendship through such a digital medium, but putting a little effort into being patient can keep your friendship strong and healthy. 

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